At Crosstek, we believe that you cannot improve what you cannot measure, and this is a critical element in the design of efficient and effective software applications. We work with clients on process mapping, process optimization and digitization of these improvements through software.

Complex Process Mapping

Our expertise is founded in disciplined approaches based on Six Sigma methodologies and Agile development frameworks. We provide technical and operational interoperability analysis, interoperability analysis and modeling, risk analysis and modeling. We help facilitate lean and agile, Whole of Government (WOG) approaches for system integration and unity of response on emerging technologies and interagency interfaces. 

Interoperability Frameworks

For more than 15 years, key Crosstek leaders have facilitated multi-level stakeholder teams to dynamically model and map environments for dynamic understanding and in-context analysis. This includes development of interoperability frameworks to enlist the support and innovation from the Science and Technology (S&T) community at-large (Academia, Industry and Government). Our expertise lies in bringing together diverse stakeholders and facilitating knowledge workshops that enable substantial progress towards the development of a dynamic blueprint for unity of effort, understanding of critical nodes, the limiters impeding mission success, identification of proposed mitigations and development of requirements for support of operations.  

Supply Chain Optimization and Digitization

We build complex supply-chain platforms to support and enhance in transparency, efficiency and multi-level stakeholder engagement.