At Crosstek, we provide software engineering expertise and full-scale solutions for Science & Technology, Agriculture and Defense. Our team of Geotechnical, Geospatial and Software Engineers build and support custom software platforms for clients around the globe. We set projects and programs in motion through full-scale development, delivery and support within our Industries of Expertise.

Sensor Integration

From remote-sensing to in-situ sensor data collection, our integrated applications span the globe in purpose and platform. We support remote sensing applications for agriculture use. We deliver projects in support of real-time monitoring for natural hazards detection and monitoring, along with Common Operating Platforms that provide a real-time for operators at multiple locations to see a dashboard of current or high-profile events. 

System Integration

From mobile to desktop applications, Crosstek provides consulting and development expertise for the integration of systems and subsystems to provide optimal performance and functionality. 

Full-Scale Software Development

Our software engineers and data scientists take a holistic approach to creating and delivering rapid, effective solutions that support Government and Commercial clients. Our approach is to field an initial operating capability quickly and cycle through the process until the product is ready for full-scale testing and fielding. Throughout this process, we maintain a key focus on engaging stakeholders, in order to identify critical path items, implement full-scale testing, provide product support and field fully operational systems for sustainable application.